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Are you tired of living life on the sidelines, wrestling with self-doubt and social anxiety? Do you yearn for fulfilling relationships, unwavering self-confidence, and the success you deserve? The time for change is now, and our exclusive coaching program is tailored to address your deepest pain points and empower you for lasting transformation.


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Through my years as a coach, therapist, and TikTok creator, there have been several questions about specific topics that I get time and time again. One of my favorite things is to notice the patterns and recurring themes that paint the direction of my clients’ lives and attention. 

I have noticed several patterns and themes that my clients and followers have shared. My desire to combine and synthesize these patterns inspired this book. They’ve also admittedly been many of the patterns I’ve struggled with in my own wounded healer journey. 

Beneath the Bullsh*t pays tribute to their wonderful, super tough journeys because they are the real MVPs in all of this. Beneath the bullsh*t is a synthesized work that can be handed to other imperfect perfectionists in their healing journey. 

This was also inspired by my own beneath-the-bullsh*t journey – I used to think I was broken. Uniquely broken. I struggled with depression for most of my childhood and then a gnarly eating disorder from ages 14 to 18 years old. I was in and out of hospitals and didn’t feel too great about myself overall. It was through my ongoing therapeutic journey both personally and professionally that I learned that I was not broken. I also learned who I was outside of feeling crappy about myself. I learned about the many BS stories that secretly held me back from healthy relationships, awesome career opportunities, and finding peace with my life and my imperfections.  

Many people inspired this book. Many stories I heard from people on TikTok not having access to mental health resources or good resources. This book will also provide access. Access to those with fewer resources. And for those with many resources who want a sneak peek into the major themes I address with clients. 

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"Because of you and what you taught me, I now understand the meaning of vulnerability, the concept of setting boundaries, and how to unapologetically be my authentic self. You gave me the tools to look inside myself and grow the connections I so desperately wanted with the people around me."